Thursday, March 8, 2012

A Long Absence, A Sad Ending, and A New Beginning

As most of my friends and family know, I started this blog to communicate with my brother. He had lost his hearing due to illness which rendered the telephone useless. Fortunately, he retained a fair amount of his eyesight and was able to go online and get a chuckle or two from the stupid things I wrote about my daily life in Santa Fe.

I like to think that this blog entertained him, enabled him to remember some good childhood memories, laugh at some of the inside jokes contained in the posts, and perhaps I can hope that it even made him a little happy at times when happiness was hard to come by.

It is with extreme sadness that I must inform those of you who do not already know that my brother put up an amazing fight but has lost the battle. He is survived by his daughter, his wife, myself and our parents.

His funeral was a testament to a life devoted to caring for the well-being of others. Memorials were held in two states with processions of countless emergency response vehicles including ambulances, fire engines and state and local police cars all led by MedEvac helicopters hovering above the streets. The Cherokee Nation sent a Shaman and an honor guard who escorted him across state lines for his final memorial and burial in Oklahoma. He received tribute and commendations from two past presidents for his work in emergency health care and his dedication to the Native American population of North America. Many people spoke about him either saving their own lives or the lives of their loved ones. Several people who he taught also paid tribute and most made the trip to attend both services. He was a truly amazing person that had a gift for creating positive change in the lives of others.

The last year has been difficult for us all and I chose to spend as much time as I could with my brother and family instead of posting updates on this blog. Since my brother and I lived in different states, I must thank my employer for allowing me the time I needed to be with my family, a courtesy that I know I would not have received if I had continued to work for large corporations.

I have been asked to continue this blog by many of my friends and family members who started reading it along with my brother. I have decided to move forward but not so much as a tribute to my brother but more as a true document of my real life, concerns and activities. I think that the death of my brother has made all of my close friends and family realize that we need to keep informed of each others lives no matter how far apart we may live.

As I wrote this blog, I tried to keep myself, my friends and family, and most importantly my brother's identity anonymous so that he had the discretion to reveal his illness on his own terms and only to those whom he chose (hence the eezy suffix on all names). I will probably be less anonymous now (within reason of course), I will continue to have the same whack sense of humor and probably write about stuff you think is just stoopid and my posting will more than likely be sporadic at best, but I will really try to organize this blog into something that will be entertaining and perhaps even informative.

But for now, you will just have to wait and see what bangin' hot freshness happens on the newrific Santa Fe Super Steezy blog.

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