Thursday, March 15, 2012

It Isn't Easy Being Green...

Evening Snow in my Courtyard

So, in honor of everything that is green for Saint Patrick's Day on Saturday, I thought that I would post a little about what I am planning to do with this website.

You may have noticed that I have placed a new navigation bar under the header at the top of my blog. In an attempt to be organized and make navigation easier, I am going to place all posts into the nine categories listed. I have actually gone through the old posts and linked them to start with, and I will give a complete explanation of each category when I update my profile page. Most are self-explanatory, but a couple may need to be clarified.

As a nod to all the Irish out there, I think that it is appropriate to explain the two categories that are very green themselves.

The first is "Nano Farm".

You may have heard of the locally grown and farmer's market trends across the country. Perhaps you are even aware of "Micro Farming" and the new Homesteading movements.

All sound great except...

Understandably, much of the organic and locally grown produce can be quite expensive. But, those of you who know me are aware that the primary reason I don't do the "locally grown" thing as much as I should is because of most farmer's market hours. They open at like the crack of dawn (I think it's about the same time that animals wake up), and then proceed to close at noonish. Obviously those hours don't work for me.

The other trends of Micro Farming and Homesteading are ideal for the people who live in one of the square states where land is abundant and people are scarce...

Wait a minute, I live in a square state with wide open spaces and a population ranking of 36 out of our 50 states. So what's my gripe? The cost of real estate and land in Santa Fe is exorbitant. Sure, I would love to have a one to two acre Micro Farm or a forty acre homestead but I live in a planned community with "zero lot lines" and livable but distinct covenants.

So what is my solution to trying to be at least a little sustainable and green when I have almost no land and lots of rules? I turn my nose up at the massive Micro Farm conglomerate with all their "space" and "friable soil" and build myself a mini-micro farm or, as I like to call it, my Nano Farm—carved out of the cement-like adobe clay dirt that I call home.

Therefore, the Nano Farm link will be a complete report from start to finish on my Nano Farming efforts.

The second link that may need explanation is "Greenish". Like many of you, I don't have the time or money to be Ed Begley green and, to be quite frank, those super-green people kind of freak me out a little. I read books on being green and some of the publications I have worked on have jumped on the "green" bandwagon. I also browse some "how to be green" websites, but it all seems so daunting and so difficult to implement that I just want to give up. But, I have found that there are ways of making little bits of headway into the green movement without much effort and when I come across a tip or suggestion, I will post it under the "Greenish" tab.

So, I hope that all of you find at least a little something of interest on the new Santa Fe Steeze website. Thanks for reading.

In celebration of the holiday, I will leave you with one of my favorite classic Saint Patrick's Day hoilday vids. Please enjoy:

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